What is Night Golf?

The History of Night Golf

With the invention of the patented Nitelite golf ball back in 1986, over 150,000 Night Golf tournaments
have been played in 62 countries. In the UK alone 1,500 golf clubs enjoy regular Night Golf events, either to raise money for charity, to encourage new members or to simply bring a little fun to the game!

Who Plays Night Golf?

Any organisation can stage a tournament, most clubs would be only too happy to donate their course just to be named as a
sponsor to a local charity event. Local companies looking to stage a team building event which is just that little bit different, will also nd it easy to locate a willing venue.

Why Play Night Golf?

The beauty of running a Night Golf Tournament is that it enables clubs to use their courses after dark when they would usually lay dormant. It also attracts more people to the club house, significantly raising profit through food and drink sales.

A Few Helpful Hints »

The most important thing to remember is to make it fun for the competitors and pro table for the club. To achieve this you must have a well planned and well organised event with an entry fee between £15 and £30 – this is dependant on what will be costed into the even- ing’s entertainment in addition to the equipment. Many golf clubs have realised greater profits by costing in a drink on arrival and a meal after the prize giving.

If a pro charges £25.00 per player entry fee and has 36 players, his tournament will gross a minimum of £900. After expenses and prizes, he will have a pro t of £450 or more (plus the extra sales of food and drink) all for just one evening’s fun for his players!

Night Golf has become a great success for us, it’s a fun and effective way of staying in touch with customers over the difficult winter months when light is at a premium.Richard Lock, Golf Professional Hampshire