Instructions & Recommended Setup


  • Night Golf Supplies Golf Balls are specially designed for playing at dusk or in the dark on the golf course. To have the very best experience follow these instructions on how to use our night golf ball.
  • Always use our exclusive 1.5 inch jumbo glow sticks as they have been designed to t our golf ball perfectly. Activate the Night Golf Supplies 1.5 inch Jumbo glow stick by bending once. The glow stick will take a few minutes to reach its full light output.
  • Push the light stick into the hole in the golf ball using your hands to push in as far as possible, then push the remaining end of the glow stick onto a at hard surface to fully encase the stick within the golf ball.
  • Night Golf should always be played under winter rules so before each stroke be sure to reposition the night golf ball so that the club head strikes the ball parallel to the stick, this guarantees best performance and minimises the risk of damaging the insert.
  • To maximise the night golf balls performance, check to make sure the glow stick is centred within the ball before each stroke. This should not be an issue but is worth checking for each shot.
  • To remove the 1.5inch jumbo glow stick use a golf tee to push the redundant glow stick out. The old light stick can be thrown away as normal household waste.

Night Golf Event Recommended Setup


Golfers should be lit using one glow necklace each so that they can be seen and identified from distance and any direction. Using different colour necklaces for different teams gives a good visual effect to your event. Golfers may also require a 6inch glow stick to help with marking score cards or any other torch effect required.

Golf Course Setup »

Tee Box

Use our 6 inch glow sticks with our metal stakes to mark out the tee area. Place one glow stick on each side of the tee box to clearly show the teeing area. We recommend using blue.


Use our 6 inch glow sticks to light the fairway up like a runway. Using our metal stakes and glow sticks you should try and place them every 50 to 75 yards for the best results (we advise green glow sticks for fairway marking). We also recommended that you place one different colour glow stick to identify the very middle of the fairway, this could be the same colour as used on the flag (yellow).


The flags should be marked with one or two 6inch glow sticks, we recommend yellow so that players can easily see the target from a good distance. These can be quickly attached to the ag stick using masking tape.


Use our hole marker light to identify the bottom of the cup. The Night Golf Supplies hole maker is designed to be bright and stay in place when the ag is removed and replaced. Using our hole maker light is essential for a good putting experience.


Use our 6inch glow sticks and metal stakes to light water hazards, ditches and bunkers.
We recommend you use our red 6inch glow stick for quick and clear identification of trouble.

Golf Ball

Each player requires one night golf ball and one 1.5inch jumbo glow stick to make the ball glow. We recommend that you encourage players to purchase an extra night golf ball just in case they lose their ball.

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