We have been supplying golf clubs and courses all over the world for nearly 15 years. All of our equipment is rigorously tested to be as safe and long lasting as possible with all of the relevant and appropriate safety certificates, to ensure your event will be as hassle and hazard free as possible.

We are at the forefront of night golf balls with our new insert LED ball. Which can be reused by purchasing a new insert, for only 0.75p. These LED balls have been tested for usability and designed to ensure the insert stays secure even when subjected to extreme pressure.

If this is your first night golf event we have lots of material to help you; including a how to get started PDF and a how to set up PDF both situated on the FAQs page. These include all the information you will need to light your entire course in the recommended manner.

We strive to provide a service that is well above par and won’t tee you off!

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